Happy New Year!

High Five to resolutions!

High Five to Resolutions!

Hi, my name is Susan and I’m a Resolution maker.

And the readers say in unison, “Hi Susan!”

Every single year people across the globe begin the New Year with celebration and traditions. They welcome in the New Year with toasts and hugs and food and fun. This is often accompanied by way too much to drink, way too much to eat and way too little sleep. That is not where the festivities end, oh no. We think about the past year, deciding what we don’t want to carry over into this year, changing bad habits into good and even deciding to live the dreams we have been neglecting for whatever excuse we have assigned. We say goodbye to our year just lived and reflect on it with friends. We look at the road we have traveled and pat ourselves on the back for a walk well taken.

But it doesn’t end there does it? Oh no. We then create a list of all the things we vow to do in the upcoming year. All the exercise, healthy eating, quit smoking or eating, save money, schooling, more self-love, less crap from family or friends, finding a perfect job or romance and even major life events such as children and housing are decided. All in a night’s work. Many of our night’s list are long forgotten before the alcohol has completely left our system, but some of them linger and we try, so very hard at times even, to succeed. And to those of us who have had one or more on that list for many years, we know deep down that it may end up there again next year, and yet we set ourselves up to fail believing that New Year’s energy is some type of fix-all solution that could, might, may actually just remove that obstacle of our list without much effort. Resolutions.

Resolution does not mean Re-solution. It does not mean to do again and again. It means firm determination. It implies some will-power and actual daily work and a passion to succeed be placed on it. I’m not saying some don’t succeed in doing their entire list, some do. I’m not saying people don’t make great and wonderful changes in their lives by deciding on New Year’s Eve. Of course some do. But there is a reason that gyms are far emptier the last quarter of the year and that lean and smart frozen foods are only on sale in January. Many of us do not succeed in this tradition. Perhaps it’s the alcohol but I think it’s the magic in the idea that we are somehow given another entire year to live. Like a promise and so we repay that by creating this list of all the great things we will do to warrant that gift.

This year I have taken another course of thought. I will celebrate life each night, looking at my past day, week or even month, deciding where I would like to change things along the way, what I would like to do tomorrow and how I would like to be that next day. I propose a year of ONE DAY commitments. Tomorrow I will drink 8 glasses of water and no soda. Tomorrow I will walk at least 30 minutes. Tomorrow I will tell 3 people in my life why my life is so much better having them in it. Tomorrow I will remember to say 3 loving things to myself, a gift I seldom remember to give. That’s my 5 things for tomorrow. I may write them on my fingers so I can have them “hand-y” and remind me that I choose this today. If it is hard, I’m sure tomorrow night my choices will be a little different. I stand a high chance to have many, many successes in my year this way.

Last night a friend of mine translated in English a saying that is used in her country on New Year’s. When someone walks into the room and is bright and energetic it is a sign of good luck and prosperity on the household. This is loosely translated as being “a good leg” in English. So I wish you all a “good leg” this year and a “high 5” each and every day if you choose it. Please join me in living each day with the excitement of New Years and celebrate this year with successful changes.


About Susan Sheehy

I'm many things but one thing that I am very proud of being is a mother. I have two great sons that are becoming such wonderful young men. That is my best accomplishment so far in life. I am a friend, a partner, a spiritual being, a writer, a Disney for Life person, and a Realtor.
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